There are a lot of software programs available to consumers that claim to help protect your computer and make it operate more efficiently. Many just don't live up to the hype. We have compiled a list of some of the better ones to help with your computer repair efforts.

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Two of the most important programs you need installed on your computer are a firewall and an antivirus program. In addition, a good antimalware program and cleaning utility will go a long way towards keeping your PC running smoothly. Check out our list of some of the most popular software titles to get you started in the right direction.

Antivirus Software

Unfortunately the use of a good antivirus program is a necessity these days. With thousands of new viruses released every month you can't afford to be without. While there are many options when it comes to an antivirus program, many just don't perform that well when put to the task of defending your computer from virus threats.

Antispyware Software

Malware and spyware are closely related to computer viruses. Oftentimes it can be difficult to really distinguish between them. This is why many antivirus programs also have some ability to detect malware threats as well. However using a program that is specifically built to deal with malware is ideal. There are several really great utilities available that can help to rid your computer of these unwanted programs.


Installing a software firewall on your computer is an additional step that you can take to really lockdown and monitor your incoming and outgoing connections. This can help to further protect your computer from an incoming attack as well as help you to identify any rogue programs that are trying to gain access to the Internet.

System Tools

Having good software installed that can protect your computer from hackers and viruses is the first step towards a healthy computer. However, there are additional considerations beyond just security. Your PC is just like any other item that you use on a daily basis, it needs to be maintained. Luckily there are many great programs that will help to keep your computer running its best.


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