DIY Computer Repair

While you can always pay to have someone fix your computer or troubleshoot network issues, many of the problems that people encounter are easy to fix if you know a little bit about how computers and networks work. Check out some of these helpful resources to get you started.

Networking 101

Most people these days have some form of a home network. While a lot of networking gear aimed at consumers is relatively easy to setup, if anything goes wrong you will need to have a basic understanding of network concepts, terms and equipment to be able to troubleshoot and fix it on your own.

Introduction To Linux

If you have ever wanted to move away from Microsoft's Windows operating system and try something new, Linux may be for you. While there is definitely a learning curve moving from Windows to Linux, with patience, it can be achieved. One of the many great things about switching to Linux is that it's free. There are no licenses to buy or software to validate.

DIY Virus And Malware Removal

Nothing is more frustrating than using your computer and all of a sudden pop-ups start occurring or in more extreme situations it simply crashes. There are literally millions of different viruses and other types of malicious programs floating around the Internet. Learning how to restore your computer to a pre-infected state is something that may people can learn to do. Oftentimes similar steps are taken to remove viruses regardless of what the specific type is.


Learn how to troubleshoot and fix most common laptop hardware issues.

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