Computer & Laptop Repair

Is your computer on the fritz? Not able to access your wireless network? Let us help you find a professional computer repair company that can get your equipment working again. Whether you are in need of computer repair, virus or spyware removal, laptop repair or wireless network troubleshooting there is sure to be a computer repair specialist in your area that can get you up and running again.

DIY Computer Repair

Computer Networking Basics

Most people these days have some form of a home network. While a lot of networking gear aimed at consumers is relatively easy to setup, if anything goes wrong you will need to have a basic understanding of network concepts, terms and equipment to be able to troubleshoot and fix it on your own.

Learn the basics of network architecture, different types of equipment used such as switches and routers and how to perform basic troubleshooting when things stop working.

Computer Software

There are a lot of software programs available to consumers that claim to help protect your computer and make it operate more efficiently. Many just don't live up to the hype. We have compiled a list of some of the better ones to help with your computer repair efforts.

Must Have Software

Two of the most important programs you need installed on your computer are a firewall and an antivirus program. In addition, a good antimalware program will go a long way towards keeping your PC running smoothly.

PC Utilities

Having top quality software installed that can protect your computer from hackers and viruses is the first step towards a healthy computer. However, there are additional considerations beyond just security.

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